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Embassy of Belgium in Islamabad Pakistan 
Embassy of Belgium in Islamabad
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    Please be aware that processing of a short-term visa application** lasts at least 1 month between the lodging of the application and refusal/granting of the visa. FORWARD YOUR APPLICATIONS IN TIME.

    Processing of a long-term visa application** (residence) can take up to 6 months.

    **is considered a visa application: reception in the Embassy of a duly filled out visa application form, the amount of the handling fee, a valid international passport and the documents required for the type of requested visa.



    From the 1st. of July 2012, all Belgian passports delivered by the Belgian Embassy in Pakistan will be biometric.


    From this date on, all Belgian citizens residing in Pakistan and in need of a new passport, are invited to present themselves personally at the Belgian Embassy in Islamabad in order to register their biometric data (picture + fingerprints).



    IMPORTANT : your current non-biometric passport is still valid until expiry date of your passport. This passport does not need to be replaced by a biometric one: it is still valid. 



    Procedure to be followed:

    1) Current procedure still applicable: documents listed below have to be sent by express courier to our Embassy in Islamabad or introduced trough our honorary consulate in Lahore or Karachi.

    -          Completed, signed and dated passport application form

    -          1 identity picture

    -          Copy of your last Belgian passport to be replaced

    -          In case of passport request for a minor, please join a parental authorization given by both parents or the passport application form signed by both parents.  


    2) After verification of the passport request:

    -          You will be invited to pay the passport fee at Fedex

    -          And you will be invited to present yourself personally at the Belgian Embassy in Islamabad at the date appointed in our mail which will be sent to you in order to enable us to capture your biometric data.



    Delivery delay: +/- 10 working days as from the day of capturing your biometric data at the Embassy in Islamabad.


    Passport validity: 5 years



    You can find more information about biometric passport on the following link:

    Schengen visas

    This information has been prepared by all Schengen European countries present in Pakistan and gives a general but comprehensive view about the European requests for a Schengen visa.

    Nevertheless for more specific information concerning tourist visa, private/family visit visa and business visa, kindly go in this website to the chapters called with the here above titles.

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    Consular & Handling fees

    Consular and handling fees are due in EUR. No coins are accepted. Therefore, the 32 pages passport has to be paid 80 EUR and the equivalent of 1 EUR in PKR is reimbursed at delivery of the ppt. The same for the Belgian ID which has to be paid 20 EUR and the equivalent of 3 EUR in PKR is reimbursed.

    Please read the following to be informed about some consular and handling fees.

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    Long Term Visa

    Long Term Visa, General Information

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    Business Visa

    Schengen Business Visa

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    Family reunification Visa

    Long Term Visa. Family Reunification with Belgian citizen (Art. 40) and with foreign citizen (neither Belgian nor European (Art. 10)

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    Marriage in Belgium Visa

    Schengen Visa, Special Type : Visa For Marriage In Belgium

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    Medical Visa

    Schengen Visa for Medical Treatment in Belgium

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    Private/Family visit Visa

    Schengen Visa for Family / Private Visit

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    Student Visa

    Information for Pakistani citizens wishing to obtain a visa for Academic studies in Belgium

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    Tourist Visa

    Schengen Visa for Tourists

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    Transit Visa (Airport)

    Airport Transit Visa for Belgium

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    Transit Visa (Ordinary)

    Ordinary Transit Visa for Belgium

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    Addresses of 'Gerry’s International - Visa Drop Box'

    Find out where you can drop of your visa application without coming to Islamabad.
    Please be aware that this procedure DOES NOT EXCLUDE being invited to
    Islamabad for an interview by the Visa Officers.

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    Mandatory Schengen Travel Insurance Accredited Insurance Companies

    These are the contact references of Insurance Companies that can provide the Mandatory Schengen Travel Insurance and that are accredited to the Schengen Embassies in Islamabad

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    Approved physicians

    Information on the Embassy's approved physicians

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    Practical information about Pakistani documents

    Information about marriage certificates

    - 1. Pakistani Nikanama, Law 1961 Muslim Family Laws,

    - 2. Christian Nikanama,

    - 3. Nikanama from Azad Kashmir, Muslim Family Law 1989).


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    Practical information about translation : addresses, procedure. 

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    Legalization of documents only

    How to proceed if you want to get documents legalized for use in Belgium.

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    DNA testing within the framework of  visa applications

    Informative folder about the genetic test (or DNA test) to be carried out within the framework of family reunification procedures under the Law of 15 December 1980 on Access to the Territory, Residence, Settlement and Expulsion of Foreign Nationals

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