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Consulate of Belgium in Los Angeles 
Consulate General of Belgium in Los Angeles
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    What to Do in Case of a Severe Tsunami


    In case of a severe tsunami in the Western United States, the Consulate General of Belgium in Los Angeles offers assistance to Belgian citizens. In order to facilitate the flow of information and possible assistance, it is advisable, in case of a tsunami, to contact the Consulate General of Belgium in Los Angeles to inform us whether or not you and your family members are hurt:


    Consulate General of Belgium in Los Angeles

    6100 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 1200

    Los Angeles, CA 90048

    Tel: + 1 (323) 857-1244

    Fax: + 1 (323) 936-2564


    In case the Consulate cannot be reached for some reason, please contact the Embassy of Belgium in Washington DC.


    Embassy of Belgium in Washington DC
    3330 Garfield Street NW
    Washington, DC 20008

    Tel : + 1 (202) 333-6900

    Fax : + 1 (202) 338-4960


    In any case, call a family member or a close friend in Belgium and inform them briefly about your status.


    Check the travel advice on the website of the Belgian Foreign Affairs (click here) for latest information (in Dutch or in French).



    Tsunami Preparedness Information


    A tsunami is a series of potentially dangerous and destructive ocean waves created by an underwater disturbance such as an earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruption, or meteorite.


    Please refer to the following resources and websites for more information about tsunamis, and for ways to prepare for, and keep safe from, tsunami dangers.



    Tsunami Resources


    ·         How can I protect myself from a Tsunami by FEMA

    ·         How to Survive a Tsunami from the California Emergency Management Agency

    ·         Subscribe to receive e-mail/text Tsunami Alerts from the National Weather Service



    Tsunami Websites


    ·         National Weather Service West Coast and Alaska Tsunami Warning Center

    ·         Tsunami Educational Materials from the California Geological Survey

    ·         County of San Diego Tsunami Facts and Preparedness






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