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Consulate-general of Belgium in Montreal 
Consulate general of Belgium in Montreal
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    Dear Travellers,


    The Consulate general of Belgium in Montreal is at your service for your visa inquiries and applications for all foreign and permanent residents in Canada (from Halifax to Vancouver), who wish to visit Belgium or The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for a short or long stay.


    You can apply either in person or by mail, min. 3 weeks prior to the date of departure, at the following address: 

    999 de Maisonneuve ouest #1600

    Montreal, Qc

    H3A 3L4


    Visa applications sent by fax or email, are neither accepted nor acceptable.

    When applying by mail, please do not forget to include a self addressed and pre-paid return envelope (CanadaPost or any other fast & secure courier service).

    Important notice regarding travel documents and residence status

    Always include proof of your residence status in Canada: copy of your PR-card, work permit, study permit, visitor record... and, depending on your citizenship, a valid Canadian visa


    The passport's or travel document's validity shall extend at least 3 months after the intended date of return from the Schengen countries; they shall contain at least 2 blank pages (both sides) and shall have been issued within the previous 10 years. 

    No machine readable visa sticker may be affixed on the other side of a page on which a machine readable visa sticker has already been issued (no matter the validity of the issued visa or the partner-country who has issued it).

    Please note that your visa will not be issued if your passport does not meet this new criteria. You will be requested to submit a new passport.


    Visa for non-Belgian nationals

    Short Stay Visa

    A short stay visa, in other words a Schengen visa, which means a tourist or business visa not exceeding 90 days, does not concern Canadian citizens, nor nationals of many other countries. To know if you need a visa please check here. Also note that once a Schengen visa is issued, it allows you to travel freely in the Schengen Zone 


    Long stay visa (studyingworking, ...)

    Please note this is not a Schengen visa. This visa is required by all nationals, with the exception of nationals from the European Union (be nevertheless aware of temporary measures - enforced since 01/05/2004 - affecting most of the new Member States of the EU) and the nationals of the following countries: Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Switzerland.

    Visas for common law partners 

    Visas for exchange students (AFS, Rotary, YFU etc)

    Visas for salaried or independent workers; researchers; interns at the EU Commission and Parliament; Au Pairs (only in French or Dutch)


    Visas for university students (or equivalent studies)

    Visa application form Schengen (short stay)

    Visa application form Belgium (long stay)

    Colleges of Physicians and Accredited doctors (contacts)

    Medical certificate for D-visas (long stay only)

    Medical certificate for work permit

    Pledge of support for students (form)

    Pledge of support visitors (visitors; only in French or Dutch)

    About the medical certificate

    Consent letter for children travelling abroad

    Application for the police record: Issued by the RCMP or Provincial police, within the last 6 months and to be legalized at the Consulate.  This document should bear the original signature, full name and official stamp of the authorized police officer.

    Police provinciale – Provincial Police :



    Sûreté du Québec





    201, Laurier Est - #400

    Montréal, Qc   H2T 3E6

    514 273-8578



    4060, Ste-Catherine W. #525                                   

    Westmount, Qc  H3Z 2Z3                                        

    514 934-2244                                                        


    IFS Canada Ltd.

    Complexe Guy-Favreau, Niveau 00

    200, Boul René Levesque ouest       

    Montréal, Qc   H2Z  1X4

    514 285-2246



    4480, Côte de Liesse #110                                       

    Montréal, Qc  H4N 2R1                                            

    514 733-8571                                                                             


    How to pay ?

    If applying in person the payment can be made in Canadian dollars either :

    1. cash
    2. money order
    3. or a certified cheque made to the Consulate general of Belgium.

    If applying by mail, please enclose with your application :

    1. a money order
    2. or a certified cheque made to the Consulate general of Belgium. 

    Please check our homepage for the price list.

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