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Consulate-general of Belgium in Montreal 
Consulate general of Belgium in Montreal
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    Working Holiday Program Belgium/Canada


    On April 29th 2005, Belgium and Canada signed an Agreement on “Working Holiday” Arrangements in Brussels ref. or


    The main idea is to spend your holidays in Belgium, as working is only accessory.

    If you are between 18 and 30 years old and you have never participated in this program, if you have the necessary documents, then you may file your application here.



    Send the following documents with your application:

           1 application form for a long stay in Belgium

           3 recent passport photographs (colour)

           Canadian passport, min. 1 year validity

           police certificate or criminal record issued by the RCMP or Provincial police, within the last 6 months – to be legalized at the Consulate.  This document should bear the original signature, full name and official stamp of the authorized police officer; check here for the procedure

           a medical certificate for D-visa, issued by an accredited doctor (Consulate’s list) or by a family doctor registered to the Provincial College of Physicians

           proof of sufficient funds - the equivalent of 2,500 EUR in $CAD - for the 3 first months of stay in Belgium - e.g.: 3 most recent bank statements and credit card account statements, cash, or a credit card with a period of validity of at least one year

           copy of your return ticket or proof of capacity to purchase one (credit card)

           proof of occupational accident coverage and health care insurance, including hospitalization and return home coverage

           consular fees payable to the Consulate general of Belgium, only by money order or bank draft; please check the list for current fees (D-visa + legalization of police certificate)

           a self-addressed and prepaid return envelope (Xpresspost, FedEx, UPS etc) in order to return your passport and other official documents



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