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    Services for Kosovo inhabitants

    I. Kosovo citizens wishing to travel to Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg

    All citizens of the Republic of Kosovo require a Schengen visa for entry into Belgium, Luxembourg or the Netherlands.

    (06/10/2015) For any NEW appointment for short stay visa, applicants should from now on make an appointment at the Embassy of Switzerland in Kosovo (see The Embassy of Switzerland will represent Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands for short stay visas. The Belgian Office will not intervene.

    Sponsors in Belgium should be carefull to mention to the Belgian municipality that Switzerland represents Belgium for visa. This has an impact on the procedure for the municipality.

    See also special cases below.


    II. Special cases regarding visas for Belgium or Luxembourg

    (12/10/2015) Kosovo citizens should contact the Belgian Embassy in Sofia (Bulgaria) through this address: , for the following cases:

    - Visa for marriage or cohabitation
    - medical cases
    - return visas (expired or lost residence permit)


    III. Kosovo citizens wishing to go to Belgium or Luxembourg for a long stay

    (12/10/2015) Kosovo citizens interested in a long stay (D visa) in Belgium or Luxembourg (family reunion, study, work) should contact the Belgian Embassy in Sofia (Bulgaria) through this address:


    IV. Legalisations

    Administrations in Belgium may require supporting documents delivered by the Republic of Kosovo, which have to be legalized:

    - Republic of Kosovo documents should be authenticated by Kosovo Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Consular Office (Rruga Luan Haradinaj pn, perball New Born) before being presented to the Belgian Office;

    - Once authenticated, documents can then be presented at the Belgian Office - Consular Section (Wednesday between 9:00 and 11:00) for legalisation. Legalisations are ready the same day or some days later.


    V. Kosovo citizens living in Belgium

    The Belgian Office can give no support to Kosovo citizens living in Belgium and cannot act as intermediairy.

    Kosovo citizens in Belgium should address the Embassy of Kosovo in Belgium (see,1).

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